Prezentare DRISG


Our Mission

In a constantly changing world, marked by systemic crises and structural disorders, what is needed is a kind of higher education and scientific research able to meet challenges ever more difficult to anticipate.

The Department of International Relations and German Studies, part of the Faculty of European Studies, brings together teaching staff, researchers and PhD candidates specialized in political science, international relations, anthropology, history or German and American Studies. The BA programmes in International Relations and European Studies (in English), German Studies (in German) and American Studies (in English) are organized within this department; in addition, the staff also teaches the international relations and political science modules of the BA in International Relations and European Studies (in Romanian).

This department also coordinates the joint MA programme Comparative European Political Studies (with partner university Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée; this MA is also included in the Erasmus Mundus network in Intercultural Mediation – Identities, Mobility, Conflicts / MITRA), as well as the MA in Transatlantic Studies (in English). The department also offers a PhD track in sociology and political science organized under the umbrella of the European Paradigm Doctoral School within the Faculty of European Studies.

The research programme of the Department is funded through national and international grants in political science, sociology and international relations: Political Myths in Post-Communist Romania, 2010-2013; Liberal Parties in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989, 2011-2012; L’Observatoire politiques des Balkans, 2012-2013; La réparation du dommage écologique dans l’espace francophone: cas du Bénin, de la Roumanie, du Sénégal et du Togo, 2012-2014; The Spacialization and Racism of Social Exclusion. The Social and Cultural Formation of “Gypsy ghettos” in a European Context, 2011-2014.

The department also coordinates the publication of the academic journal Studia UBB Europaea .

Master Programs:

  • Transatlantic Studies. The Master program in Transatlantic Studies aims at studying the political and cultural relationships of the Western emisphere, as well as training specialists  in the field of transatlantic relations. Students graduating this program are expected to be able to manage the complex, interdisciplinary characteristics and activities of this domain of research, and to make analyses and experitises on topics about the contemporary global contexts and evolutions.
  • Etudes Politiques Européenes Comparées. Les objectifs de la spécialisation: la formation des bons connaisseurs, d’une perspective multidisciplinaire (histoire, philosophie, économie, sciences juridiques) du processus d’intégration européenne, de telle maniere que les études mastérales permettent soit la poursuite de la carriere a travers les études doctorales dans le domaine des relations internationales, des sciences politiques, de la philosophie politique ou de l’histoire contemporaine, soit l’occupation des emplois qui exigent une telle préparation (institutions européennes, institutions de l’Etat roumain, ONG, entreprises françaises ou multinationales) .
  • International Relations, Foreign Policy and Crisis Management MA Program provides a unique opportunity for study, research and internship. It combines fundamental theoretical disciplines in the field of International Relations with focused specializations in areas such as: foreign policy, diplomacy, security studies or crises management.
    The basic aim of this new Master program is to prepare graduate students with useful abilities and knowledge for careers in the field of applied international relations, focused on diplomacy profession and related job opportunities dealing with international actions and interventions: National diplomacy, EU diplomacy (EEAS), UN agencies such as UNHCR, Red Cross, international NGOs, research institutes and think tanks etc.


Activities with students



  • Institutional partnerships: Institut Français de Cluj, Centre for Political Studies and International Relations (CESPRI)
  • International partnerships: Université Paris-Est Créteil, Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, Commission Européenne – Programme Erasmus Mundus
  • Double diploma with Szeged University
  • The programme Erasmus Mundus MITRA – Intercultural Mediation: Migration, Territories, Conflicts