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The Faculty of European Studies is the institution that offers the most comprehensive image of the European Union through its study programmes. We, as students, are taught to understand the European Project from a historical, philosophical, political and economic prospective. European values are meticulously analysed, compared and legitimized, in order to be embraced. We are also aware that we can leave our own imprint on Project Europe: Romania has values, which have not faded in spite of unfortunate historical periods.

The Students’ Council of the Faculty of European Studies

This Council represents the interests and rights of the students within the Faculty. Each specialization, of every year of study, delegates a representative to this Council, which currently has 30 members, directly elected by the students.
Six members of the Council are also members of the Faculty Board. In this capacity, students are involved in the decision-making process at faculty and university levels.

The Society of European Students (SSE/SES)

The Society of European Students is a non-governmental organization mainly created for the students of the Faculty of European Studies, but not exclusively. It was founded in December 1995, in Cluj-Napoca, in order to establish contacts with other organizations from Europe and to promote European values. Moreover, the organization implements its activities under the patronage of the Faculty of European Studies. The Society of European Students (SSE) is well connected, both nationally and internationally: it is a member of FASER (The Federation of Student Associations in Economics from Romania), ANOSR (The National Alliance of Student Organizations from Romania) at the national level, and of IAPSS (International Association for Political Science Students) and ESN (Erasmus Student Network), at the international level.
The Society of European Students believes in its mission to develop civil society in a European context, by stimulating youth initiative in order for young people to achieve high performance in a competitive environment.

Events: Sim – PE Simularea Parlamentului European

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