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The Centre for the Study of the European Union’s External Relations and Global Order (EUXGLOB Centre) works within the framework of the Faculty of European Studies. Its main objective is to manage the organisation of the EUXGLOB annual international conference.
Its specific tasks include:

  • Formulating the topic, concept and format of the EUXGLOB conferences;
  • Proposing the dates for each EUXGLOB edition;
  • Deciding on the keynote speakers;
  •  Sending invitations to the envisaged participants;
  • Obtaining the necessary financing for organising the conference;
  • Drafting the conference programme;
  • Coordinating specific aspects of the organisational process (logistics, IT, accommodation, meals etc.);
  • Promoting the conference;
  • Carrying out additional scientific research in international relations on topics connected to the EUXGLOB conference format;
  • Identifying thematically-related national and international partners and participating in similar networks;
  • Editing the volume containing the conference proceedings of each EUXGLOB edition.
  • A larger organisational committee will be formed in the period preceding the date of the EUXGLOB conference, including PhD students, students, volunteers etc.

The team of the EUXGLOB Centre:

  • Professor Valentin Naumescu – Director
  • Associate professor Adrian Gabriel Corpădean – Consultant
  • Associate professor Raluca Moldovan – Executive director
  • PhD student Anda Ghilescu – Executive assistant
  • PhD student Tana Foarfă – Associate researcher
  • „The proceedings of EUXGLOB I of April 15, 2021, have been published at Cluj University Press (October 2021). Please see at EUXGLOB-Publications. The volume is published OPEN ACCESS, with the support of the European Commission Representative Office in Bucharest.”   14/10/2021
  • We had an awesome start of the EUXGLOB conferences! The proceedings of the EUXGLOB 2021 will be published in the autumn of 2021 with Cluj University Press, with the support of the Representation of the European Commission in Bucharest.   25/05/2021