The Faculty of European Studies has been conducting projects funded by the European Union since its establishment. Among the most recent endeavours that our students have benefitted from, in areas covering the convergence between education and active life, cooperation with the business and public environment, academic networking and curriculum development, one should note:

  • The Internship Programme in Project Management “Jacques Delors – Fundament of the Transition from the Educational System to Active Life” (2009-2011), sponsored by the European Social Fund
  • The “LISBOAN” Project, part of the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme (2010-2013), in collaboration with the University of Cologne
  • The curriculum development grant for the Master’s Programme “Evaluation of Regional Development” (2011-2013), sponsored by the European Social Fund
  • The Internship Programme “CLAUDIOPOLIS – the city of youth. Practice programme for pupils and students in the area of social sciences” (2014-2015), sponsored by the European Social Fund