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Studia Europea

  • Since 1996, the academic journal Studia Europaea, issued by the Faculty of European Studies, has been representing an open arena for promoting research endeavours. The journal is refereed by international specialists and officially acknowledged by the Romanian National University Research Council (CNCSIS). Studia Europaea is covered by several prestigious databeses, such as ProQuest CSA Worldwide Political Science Abstracts, ProQuest CSA Sociological Abstracts or Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL). Each article is reviewed by two independent academics in a “double‐blind” system. Senior as well as junior academics from Europe and from the United States have found in Studia Europaea a way of expressing their preoccupations by publishing academic articles that have focused on the European experience and perspectives in various fields of social science. Call for papers


Romanian Review of International Studies

  • The Romanian Rewiev of International Studies is an online  peer-reviewed journal set to appear three times per year. The journal is addressed to the  academic and professional environments interested in the field of international studies.  The research areas covered are: global  governance, theory of international relations, foreign policy, European integration,  geopolitics, international organizations, area studies, international politics and policies  of the global players. Current Issue


EFES Publishing House

  • Collections: 1. Idei şi instituţii europene 2. Identităţi culturale 3. Proiectul european 4. Alte Europe 5. Studii culturale 6. Monografiile Arhivei de folclor-studii etnologice zonale. Published books
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Research and resources


Master Programs:

  • Transatlantic Studies. The Master program in Transatlantic Studies aims at studying the political and cultural relationships of the Western emisphere, as well as training specialists  in the field of transatlantic relations. Students graduating this program are expected to be able to manage the complex, interdisciplinary characteristics and activities of this domain of research, and to make analyses and experitises on topics about the contemporary global contexts and evolutions.
  • Etudes Politiques Européenes Comparées. Les objectifs de la spécialisation: la formation des bons connaisseurs, d’une perspective multidisciplinaire (histoire, philosophie, économie, sciences juridiques) du processus d’intégration européenne, de telle maniere que les études mastérales permettent soit la poursuite de la carriere a travers les études doctorales dans le domaine des relations internationales, des sciences politiques, de la philosophie politique ou de l’histoire contemporaine, soit l’occupation des emplois qui exigent une telle préparation (institutions européennes, institutions de l’Etat roumain, ONG, entreprises françaises ou multinationales) .

Research Centers:

  • Grupul de Reflecție și Analiză Internațională CITADEL (CITADEL). Grupul reunește specialiști în domeniile: relații internaționale şi studii europene, ştiinţe politice, studii americane, afaceri europene, negocieri internaționale, geopolitică și geostrategie. CITADEL organizează periodic mese rotunde, dezbateri şi conferinţe ce vizează teme aflate pe agenda politică internațională.
  • Centre for African Studies / Centre d’études africaines (CESTAF). Coordinate educational, research and professional networks, as well as institutional and scientific projects together with partner entities from Africa.
  • Atelierul de Critică Socială (ACRIS). Spațiu de dezbateri, cercetări și publicații  în ceea ce privește analiza critică a proceselor și structurilor social-economice ale capitalismului globalizat contemporan.