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The Disintegration and Integration in East-Central Europe (D.I.E.C.E.) Conference Series of the Faculty of European Studies is a concept which was successfully launched in 2012 within the framework of the Jean Monnet Programme. Since 2012, the D.I.E.C.E. conference has been one of the most visible academic events in the field of European Studies in Central and Eastern Europe.
The 2016 edition was held under the official patronage of Mr Klaus Johannis, the President of Romania.

The annual conference aims:

To raise awareness regarding the participation of East-Central Europe in the integration process as an active and not as a passive player;
To promote research on EU integration in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe;
To establish a viable network between EU and non-EU academics and young researchers from the area of European Studies, so as to foster their active participation in research projects;
To organise an online repository of the most important publications (conference papers, articles, volumes) belonging to Central and Eastern European authors, regarding the integration idea, the development and future of the European Union.

The conference is intended to deepen knowledge on the whole European integration process and the new model of European Union, emphasizing Central and South-Eastern European involvement. There is a need to study the contributions brought by this area to promoting functional patterns of integration.

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