Selection criteria

International Relations and European Studies in English – full-time programme


Admission criteria:

  1. Letter of application, written and presented (orally) in English. The letter shall be uploaded onto the admission platform during the online application and shall be evaluated by a commission appointed by the board of the Faculty of European Studies. The result (pass/fail) will be given to the applicant at the end of the interview. The interview shall be held after the applicant has completed his/her online application;
  2. The arithmetic mean with two decimals of any 2 written exams from the Baccalaureate (highest grades) (100 %).

The grades chosen by the applicant shall be written on the first page of the application letter.




Additional criteria in case of equal grades:

  • Criterion A: average grade for the Baccalaureate exam
  • Criterion B: grade for the “Romanian language and literature” written exam at the Baccalaureate