MA Programmes in English/French

General admission criteriaMA programmes

Admission to the MA programmes at the Faculty of European Studies  consists of:

  • an interview (100% of the final admission grade). For more information about the interview, the candidates should consult the webpage of the MA programme!
  • proof of knowledge of English/French, in accordance with the language of instruction(attested by a Language Proficiency Certificate,mimimum level B1)
  • additional admission criteria: Bachelor’sdegree exam and average GPA.
  • NON-EU candidates have different admission criteria. For more information, please check:

IMPORTANT! All candidates with studies adroad (outside Romania) need to obtain a diploma recognition certificate form the Romanian Ministry of Education.

EU cadidates, please, check

NON-EU cadidates, please, check

The admission process takes place every year in July and September. The number of places is limited, so early admission (in July) is advised!

Calendar (July 2021 session)

Calendar (July 2021 session)

12–17 July 2021 Application
19 July 2021 Interview
20 July 2021 Results
21 – 23 July 2021 Admission confirmation
23 July 2021 Redistribution of vacancies
24-28 July 2021 Confirmation after redistribution
29 July 2021 Final results

Calendar (September 2021 session)

6–9 September 2021 Application
10 September 2021 Interview
10 September 2021 Results
11 – 13 September 2021 Admission confirmation
13 September 2021 Redistribution of vacancies
14 September 2021 Confirmation after redistribution
15 September 2021 Final results

Tuition fees

  • Candidates from EU member states can apply for subsidized (budgeted) places (no tuition fees).
  • For the candidates from EU member states ocupying non-subsidized places, the tuition fee is of 3000 RON/year

Contact: Delia Pop-Flanja,   email: