BA Application process 2023

Required documents

Applicants must upload the application file onto the platform.


The required scanned documents in PDF format are:

  • Application form (signed), generated automatically by the platform;
  • Baccalaureate diploma and transcript of records (for diplomas accompanied by a transcript of records), or equivalent;
  • CNRED certificate for the equivalence of the Baccalaureate diploma and grades in the Romanian grading system for Romanian and EU/EEA citizens or Swiss Confederation citizens who have completed their high school studies abroad;
  • Birth certificate;
  • ID card;
  • Medical certificate stating that the applicant is apt to attend academic studies (apt for faculty enrollment);
  • Letter of application – pass/fail (for details see the Selection Criteria section);
  • For Olympic applicants – Scanned colour copies of the degrees that certify the grant of prizes during high school (1st, 2nd, 3rd prize or mention) at national and international school Olympiads, national or international contests recognized by the respective Ministry, or gold medal at national Olympiads (only for students who applied as Olympic candidates);
  • Document certifying the student/graduate capacity of the applicant and the academic years for funding regime (for applicants enrolled in or holding a second BA degree;
  • Proof of payment of admission fees (registration and processing fees)
* Proof of payment of admission processing fee (50 RON) for each programme the applicant chooses);

* Proof of payment of application fee (150 RON);

* Documents certifying application / processing fee discounts or exemption;
  • Applicants opting for places reserved for Roma shall submit a signed recommendation letter issued by a legal Roma organization certifying their ethnicity
  • Other documents requested by the faculty’s admission commission.

All documents shall be uploaded onto the admission platform in scanned format (PDF). Exception: ¾ cm photographs which are to be submitted in physical format at the beginning of academic activity.

The application is valid if the applicant’s file is complete; on the last application day, only files sent before the deadline will be accepted and processed.

By signing the application form, applicants consent to bearing full responsibility for the authenticity and conformity of digital/scanned documents and their originals that are to be attached to their file.

Applicants consent to the processing of their personal data by checking the respective box on the platform.



For the equivalence of grades obtained abroad (exception: grades obtained in Moldova), please contact the Babeș-Bolyai University Secretariat KOZMA KIS Elisabeta, Phone no.: +40- 0264-405300, ext. 5105; Email:

Romanian and EU/EEA citizens or Swiss Confederation citizens who have completed their high school education abroad and have not received the CNRED certificate of Baccalaureate diploma equivalence can request assistance from the admission team at


Application process

The application process for the admission shall be organized by the faculty’s Admission Commission.

The process consists of the following steps:

  • Online registration/application and upload of the file containing the required documents onto the UBB admission platform;
  • Downloading the file and checking the documents by the admission team. INCOMPLETE FILES SHALL NOT BE PROCESSED!
  • Assessment of motivation letters and communication of results to applicants for programmes of study in Romanian;
  • Presentation of motivation letters by applicants for programmes of study in foreign languages (interview). Applicants shall receive the link for the interview, by e-mail. The result of the assessment of the motivation letter shall be communicated on the spot;
  • Processing of application in the admission database;
  • Communication by e-mail of the programme the applicant was enrolled on and the number of the exam form by which he/she would identify him/herself on the list of admission

Applicants  are  fully  responsible  for  uploading/sending  the  correct  documents  in  the application file.